Bubble Painting

Image shows a glass bowl filled with a green liquid overflowing with bubbles with a red and white straw sticking out sitting on top of a white piece of paper

Creating crafts and artworks with your children is a great way for them to develop fine motor skills, but it can also help your kids connect with their senses! Asking children questions throughout the process helps them to make observations about what they are creating, and as a bonus, close observation is a STEM skill that prepares children for further science learning in school! 

This artwork is a process project, which means the final product is not nearly as important as the experience of creating it! Process artworks are great for little ones because they are developmentally appropriate and encourage sensory exploration! Even though this artwork is about the experience of making, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be hung up on the fridge- the best art is the piece that is fun to make! 

To read more about process and product art, you can check out Tinker Lab’s blog!

– Dish Soap 
– Water 
– Paint or food coloring 
– Straw, and/or other tools to create with 
– Container for water 
– Paper 

If you do not have all the necessary materials, then get creative with what you find around your house! Did you know that you can use the liquid from soaking dried beans to create a blueish dye? 

Let’s Create! 

Step 1: Mix together 1 Tbs. of dish soap with 2 Tbs. of paint

Image shows a glass bowl of green paint mixed with dish soap and a silver fork

Step 2: Add 1/3 c. of water
This make take some trial and error to find the right mix to create the bubbles

Image shows a glass bowl filled with a green mixture of dish soap, paint and water. The top is covered with bubbles

Step 3: Dip one end of the straw into the mixture and blow bubbles onto the paper! 

If you child is too young to use the straw themselves, then feel free to blow the bubbles for them and let them use their hands and fingers to smear the bubbles on the paper! 

Guided Questions 

 Here are some ideas for questions you can ask while your little one creates. These questions will encourage your child to think about this project like a science investigation!  

  • Once you have gathered all your materials, let your child take a look at them and then ask something like “What do you think we can make with this?” Science begins with a question and then you can investigate, observe and explore to search for the answer 
  • What happens if you blow through the straw gently? What happens if you blow a little harder? 
  • What shape is created on the paper from the popped bubbles? 
  • Are there any sounds that you hear? 
  • What do the bubbles feel like? 
  • Is this what you thought the bubbles would do? 

We hope you enjoy! Feel free to share a photo or video of your family Reading, Singing, Talking, and Playing Together on our Facebook, or using the hashtag #RIFBookBabies! 

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We know how much little ones like to put interesting things in their mouth, just be sure to supervise during play in order to keep them safe. 

Posted by Ms. Meghan

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